Dedicated to the memory of James Patrick Giltrap

This site is a tribute to James Patrick Giltrap. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

James Patrick Giltrap

Requiem mass to take place at St. Osburgs RC Church on Friday 10th May 2019 at 12:10 pm followed by interment at Lentons Lane Cemetery.
10th May 2019 at 12:10 pm St. Osburgs RC Church

Flowers may be sent to J.E.Hackett & Sons Ltd,Funeral Directors,Longford Bridge,Coventry.CV6 6BH


This is the speech I read for James funeral, I have changed a few things: James, I would like this opportunity to remember you and all the things I enjoyed about you and that have brightened up my life these past two years. I could talk about you all day long, but I cannot stay here all day long. I just would like to say that you are honestly the most remarkable man I have ever met, and you had something I cannot describe with words, so unique and special, so you. You were a charismatic person, strong-minded, a leader for your friends, a people’s person, you were loving, honest, kind, you were beautiful, but moreover... fun, good fun. I will always remember your good sense of humour, sometimes quite dry, and your joking character, always with that cheeky smile on your face and always looking smart and wearing a gorgeous aftershave. We have shared many things and moments: We shared a passion for your birth country, Ireland, an island of astonishing beauty, just like you, the island of the green and magic that we keep in our hearts. We both were interested in Celtic ancient culture and spirituality, and I learnt a lot about it through you. We both loved a nice glass of red wine, going to pubs, having a nice dinner out... We both definitely enjoyed our food, you grew to love my Spanish food, and I am so happy and proud of it. We shared a love for good tv series that you introduced to me this time...winter is coming...We both loved traveling and a nice day out in the countryside finished at local pub indeed. And I must admit that yes, I actually really enjoyed the motorbike trip... you win! We had such a brilliant time together, it was such an adventure. I would do it all over again. You taught me so many things: to be more organised and tidy, you taught me to be brutal (sometimes you have to be brutal you used to say), to make time for the things I enjoy; to just take risks and go for it; you taught me the value of friendship, friends were so dear and important to you, the same with your family, always looking after and helping them out; you also taught me to stick up for myself, to be proud of my talents and show them off, and to handle a bad day with a joke. You were definitely one of a kind. Your love and the time that I spent with you were the greatest gifts I have ever had and I will treasure it. Thank you James for being by my side. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I will miss you dearly. I really hope to reunite with you when my time comes. I choose love, I choose hope, I choose forgiveness. Goodbye for now my love, James.
Sent by Maria on 05/20/2019
Fitting my last shift with you we were both Sunday standbys.Standby King James you will be greatly missed. Azad.
Sent by Azad on 05/17/2019
Every journey I make on a train reminds me of you James, you taught me everything I know to be a great train guard. I will be eternally grateful for your knowledge, time, patience and great sense of humour. Oh how we vaped the days away on our breaks or at any opportunity we could get! We talked about our family, friends, our loved ones and how lucky we were to have such great people in our lives. I will miss your sweet smile and caring nature. You looked after me and kept me going through my training, I am so lucky you were my coach and am thankful i got to spend almost 4 months with you out and about on trains learning the job and having a good laugh along the way. You are always with me on those routes you taught me and watching over me along the way. Thank you and sleep well my colleague, my teacher and most importantly my friend x
Sent by Nicola on 05/16/2019

Flowers may be sent to J.E.Hackett & Sons Ltd,Funeral Directors,Longford Bridge,Coventry.CV6 6BH

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